SpeedyPrep was designed with one idea in mind: to offer CLEP (College Level Examination Program) preparation material that truly prepares a subscriber to pass their credit by exams. CLEP exam results are accepted by over 2,900 colleges/universities and can save you thousands on tuition, as well as shorten your degree completion time . SpeedyPrep work is done entirely online and can be used on any mobile device. To learn more, please visit

RN NursingPrep

RN NursingPrep prepares individuals to pass competency exams (DSST & ECE) so you can complete your ASN without attending a physical classroom. By passing these exams, you may earn one-third or more of the credits required for a college degree. All courses are completely online which allows you to study from anywhere, at any time. With unlimited course access, online customer support and progress tracking, studying to become a RN has never been easier. To get started today, visit

CNA NursingPrep

Interested in starting a career in healthcare? Looking for a program that fits your life? With CNA NursingPrep you will know when you are ready to schedule and take your state’s Certified Nursing Assistant exam. Florida, Montana, and Minnesota allow individuals to challenge the CNA exam. This online course is all you need to successfully pass the challenge exam in those states. Please check with your state before enrolling. To get started today, visit

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